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The Souls. “…it runs through us like a lifeblood into the music we make.”

11 Sep

If The Souls were ingredients for a recipe, they’d be a whole host of technicolor E numbers. The Soul’s music fizzles and crackles like those old fashioned sweets (Sherbert Dabs, Space Dust) we used to get told off for eating too many of when younger. But sorry Mum, If I was still a kid, all my pocket money would be going on all the sugary electronic music that this duo creates. These Glaswegians are cooking up something special. And I for one have an appetite for this stuff.

To actually describe The Souls’ music is no easy task. Yeah, they have a sprinkle of Goldfrapp esque sensibilities, but they are much more interesting and creative than the aforementioned. The Souls’ music also reminds me of M83 and Sigur Ros at times (There’s no Post Rock here, though.) but The Souls are much more dance-orientated. Listen to a track like ‘Sunlight’; it’s electronic, organic and so beautifully ethereal. I can feel those E numbers kicking in again.

The fact that The Souls are a two piece surprised me. There’s so much going on but the musical ideas and vocals never get lost in this intriguing mix. There’s that production skill that takes  great minds to master and The Souls are in their own league when it comes to this aspect and many more and for that, I salute them.

‘Disappeared’ is a track that literally floored me the first time I heard it. I was held in suspense for the entirety of the song. The production again is top class and the musical and vocal melodies create images and patterns in the mind that only strong narcotics can create – Mum, my mate Dave told me about that last bit, honest.

Finally, as the Duo of Valerie and Oscar seem like such a bundle of fun. I thought I would do an interview with ta difference. I got both of them to ask each other the questions, with neither of them seeing the answers and here’s what they had to say.

Valerie to Oscar…

Oscar: I think you’re very talented in this dark electronic world. Do you enjoy it ?

Valerie: “Why thank you. I enjoy entering the world you’ve created before me with your music. Your ideas make it easy to connect lyrics and melody.”

Oscar:  I know I’ve dragged you into this world but if you were making a solo album how would it start with lyrics and music, in which order?

Valerie: “It would be awful. It would be plinky plonky stuff with me sitting on a stool saying ‘you can move to this one if you feel like it’ from under my fringe. I’d be called Window Shopping.”

Oscar: You’ve surprised me how much you like the edgier sounds in our music. Where did these influences come from ?

Valerie: “Nature and City. I think we’re living in this urban swell with police sirens, babies crying, radios playing out from white van windows, gulls clashing. It’s a cacophony of noise and it runs through us like a lifeblood into the music we make. I think we can be lost in this twisted world and then found in a garden. I like the idea of dark romance.”

Valerie to Oscar…

Valerie: Why is music important?

Oscar: “It provides a release of emotions whether be it of happiness, anger, love or sadness.”

Valerie: It’s now 79p to buy a single from iTunes. Do you think that’s a fair price?

Oscar: “Not for me. In a day where some people kill over a pair of trainers that cost £100. Also, in a country where the workers are low paid and people obsess over other material goods. Music has been devalued.”

“Artists now talk of making their living through a sync from a company they probably despise . It’s not the reason we make music. “

Valerie: Do you prefer to D.J or to make music or, for you, are the two inextricably connected?

DJing a lot makes it a lot easier to make music . You know what works and what doesn’t . For our album being away from DJing helped, as I wanted it to be more of an artist album rather than a club tracks with vocals over the top. I’m looking forward to both our live and DJ sets . In Days gone by you could have had a career just by DJing . You must be a producer first and DJing then follows .”

Valerie: Name three things that an aspiring music producer should have before beginning.

Oscar: “A good ear for music and an individual feel rather than the text book method . “

“Patience. You’re always learning and that’s the wonderful thing about music there’s a new way your hear something which can lead to you sounding fresh .”

Desire! Put in the hours, go for perfection. That way you can be satisfied it’s your best work at that time .