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The Horn The Hunt. Need I say more?

6 Sep

I’m not going to give you too much hyperbole. The Horn The Hunt are bloody clever, they are industrious and they make f**king good music. I am going to leave it just there, as this music doesn’t need superfluous words or introductions. Have fun…

We did a Q&A session with the band and here’s what they had to say. All answers are from Clare, unless stated.

For the uninitiated tell us about The Horn The Hunt. Describe your sound etc.

“We’re a pop band from Yorkshire. We like different kinds of music and making stuff that fuses our favourite sounds together. We call ourselves a pop band because we don’t think about sticking to any musical style when we are making it, we try to be inventive but also keep it accessible. We don’t want any musical or sonic restrictions, only that it should be about the song on a human, storytelling level. People have said we are quite dark, so maybe black pop would be a good way to describe us.”

How did you start making music together and how did you get into music originally.

We were both writing music individually whilst traveling around Europe and living in various countries at artist residencies. During that time we shared some ideas and wrote music together but weren’t really happy with it. Then at the end of 3 years traveling we suddenly wrote an album worth of music we liked and decided to release it independently and become a band. Joe had been in rock and punk bands since he was 13, but I was primarily a painter and pursued my musical ideas in private. We’ve both been obsessed by various bands since childhood. We met during the grunge era and I think it was those bands that made us want to write music.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

In no particular order; Rammstein, Bjork, Sonic Youth, Leonard Cohen, Babes in Toyland, The Knife, The Jesus Lizard, Tom Waits, Mum, The Fall, Smashing Pumpkins (early albums), Radiohead (later albums), Tricky, Angelo Badalamenti, Hendrix, PiL, the obligatory Kate Bush.

Which current bands most inspire you?

“Sexy Death, Mucky Sailor, The Arcade Fire, Die Antwoord.”

If your music could be used for any film soundtrack, which one would you choose?

“I could imagine Depressur Jolie being used at the beginning of a film set on the high seas. It was written with that surging feeling, of flying fish skimming past you and the wind blasting your face, thunderclouds gathering on a troubled horizon, not sure where you’re off to.”

Give us three of your desert island discs.

Clare:  “Sonic Youth ‘Dirty’, Bjork ‘Homogenic’ and something by Leonard Cohen, can’t decide which album.”
Joe:  “Anything by Angelo Badalamenti to lay on the sand to. Die Antwoord – $O$ to get pumped to and get up off the sand and dance. Rammstein – Herzeleid to do general work to ie chopping down coconut trees, hunting animals, painting the face on a ball etc.”

Looking on You Tube, I notice your videos have some a lot of interesting themes. What influences your videos?

“Something non-literal, elusive maybe. Primitive feelings. I was a painter for 10 years so I reckon there’s some influences there- photography vs texture, etc. The Animal Magic video was made by a friend who had his own ideas about what the video should be, whereas the Old Town Cow video was made by us and is very much about the landscape of Yorkshire, and the theme of reinventing and exposing oneself.”

What are the band up to at the moment?

“We have just released our second album- Depressur Jolie- and will be releasing a single- Animal Magic- from the album on 17th October. It has some remixes on it and will be available digitally through all good digital platforms- iTunes, etc.
And we are set to do an autumn UK tour, beginning in October, with a few dates in Europe too. We now have a drummer for live shows, so are officially no longer an ‘electronic duo’. We’re dead happy about that, that dynamic didn’t really suit us. As a 3-piece there is more concentrated energy on stage, which suits the nature of the songs off Depressur Jolie. Our music is made up of different elements and layers so it makes sense to expand our sound on stage with more musicians. This is something we’ll no doubt take much further in the future.
Also, we have started working on our third album.”

If you had to choose one song to introduce people to your music, which one would it be?

“Old Town Cow”

Name one band that you each despise with a passion and why?

Clare: ” Most mainstream pop and indie. No one seems to take risks anymore, popular music sounds so tame. Even Lady Gaga, who is supposed to be on the cutting edge of everything weird and risque in the mainstream, to me she simply borrows old ideas (mostly from Madonna) and turns them into triple x junk. Selling sex of the excessive and embarrassed type. Madonna, for all her excesses did have a real cauldron of animal passion inside her, whereas Gaga seems drained and absent of any real fire. But I guess a billion fans cant be wrong, eh? At least she’s trying to rock the boat a bit. I think bands like Two Door Cinema Club or The Wombats are frightening examples of what children and teenagers are being exposed to in music. Maybe they’ll all rebel when they get older and the powers that be recognize that many people have had enough of mediocrity and start investing their money in more innovating bands.”

Joe:  “Muse – this is what happens when introverted rock gets too extroverted. It’s Spinal Tap under the guise of quiet, sophisticated, refined, English seaside folk. Local nice lads made it big. Good musicians mind you.”

Finally, the last words to you…

“Thanks for blogging about us!”