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Under the spotlight – The Rifles

14 Dec

I first heard the Rifles a few years back. I can’t remember where but what I do know is that when the song “Local Boy” finished playing I thought, thank God, these lads sound on the level – What I needed at that precise moment.

I went out and bought the band’s debut album “No Love Lost” and the initial buzz of hearing “Local Boy” was re-ignited and I found that I had a band that possessed a huge amount of song writing ability and the love affair began.

Think the swagger and Working Class attitude of The Jam and the confidence of The Clash and you go some way to describing The Rifles.

After three studio albums, the band are still going strong and looking in fine form for 2012 – Just have a listen to the band’s latest offering “Freedom Run” and feel the injustice that a band as good as this are not as huge as (C)oldplay.