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Beautiful violence.

12 Oct

I can honestly say I have never been a fan of metal. It always seemed like piss watery songs were trying to sound tough with a bit of bass heavy guitar distortion. And those vocals, all that strange growling that always made me think, why the hell (no pun intended) would anyone want to sound like that whilst trying to be taken seriously? I nearly flaked out with happiness and surprise to find something that I could describe as having a hint of metal and that doesn’t make me want to run to the hills (Pun intended there).

Kerretta are a New Zealand band that defy most major convention. When I say most, yes there are elements of metal (This is getting bad now), but I would say that Kerretta sound like Black Sabbath doing Mogwai, whilst Beethoven conducts. Kerretta are what I think Muse would be like had they not been so fucking pompous and up there own arses, and of course if you got rid of the singer, as Kerretta is an instrumental project.

Let’s forget about Muse, as I am feeling angry already. Kerretta know how to put a song together. Every song I have heard by the band has gargantuan amounts of creativity, musicianship and sound production and each one totally floors you. The aforementioned has made me want to see this band live and this is music to watch Godzilla rampage through streets to whilst every building is crossed underfoot so joyously and unashamedly.

I managed to grab a few words with the band. Here’s what they had to say.

I would describe your music as a more metal inspired version of Post Rock. Do you think this is a fair description? 

“Well, we grew up on bands that were fairly abrasive. Bands like Killing Joke, The Melvins, Faith no More and the Jesus Lizard.

It was never really the intention it just seemed to happen that way. Most of our music is improvised  in the studio. When working  this way you always tend to get louder and heavier, it’s often more challenging to make the quiet parts as subtle as possible.”

There’s no escaping the fact that your recordings contain lot’s of stunning musicianship. How long have you all been playing together and how did the band form?

“We do like to move quickly and have managed to get a decent amount of records out in a relatively short time . The band started out casually enough , more of studio based project at first. We were all playing in other bands at the time so Kerretta was almost  a side project. It then  just took over.”

What can an audience expect from one of your live shows?

“Well, we hope they enjoy it for a start. People are always surprised that the three of us make that much noise and there’s  always enough pedal board stomping to keep the geeks happy.”

What has been the highlight of the band’s career so far?

“A few years ago, just putting out or 7 inch seemed like an achievement in its self . Since then we have put out more records and toured America, so its hard to put it down to a singular moment.  I would say one of the greatest things is actually the people you meet along the way.”

What have the band got planned for the future and what have you released up until now? 

“We have plans to tour Europe early next year, perhaps back to the States also but for now it reasing the new record SAANSILO, which is our second album, following VILAYER  and ANTIENT (Four track Ep).”