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Post punk rarities.

16 Jan

Here at VV we love a bit of post punk and we thought it a good idea to share a few rare songs from that genre.

The era that gave us Joy Division, Magazine, PIL, Wire and Gang of Four – I better stop there, as there enough bands to keep me writing for a week.

Anyway, here are a few tracks that you may or may not know. Either way, we think they are well worth a listen.

UK Decay – For My Country

With one of the best opening guitar lines you will ever hear, UK decay were way beyond there peers in the latter stages of 70’s punk. The seminal album For Madmen Only contains moments of sublime musicianship and dark lyrical imagery.

Adam and the Ants – Car Trouble – Kick.

Before the chalk mark on his hooter, before the charming prince, Adam Ant had a different side. Dark, raw and powerful not things that you normally associate with the king of Ant Music but the Ants first album was and still is, a post punk classic.

Josef K – It’s Kind of Funny.

Mixing jangly guitars with existential lyrics Josef K set out to smash the mould from the start. They never did encores, they hardly spoke between songs. Josef K were as cool as F**k.

Peyr – Current

Iceland’s Peyr are somewhat of a musical enigma. Very little was written about them, the records are almost impossible to find but they created some awe-inspiring music during their short career. They worked with Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman, who was a huge fan of the band and after two albums, that was the that.

Crispy Ambulance – Four Minutes from the Frontline

Manchester’s Crispy Ambulance always suffered by living in the shadow of Joy Division. Formed in late 70’s, Crispy Ambulance released some remarkable records but were regarded as JD copyists and the band never fully got the recognition they should have. Much to their credit the band did reform around 2004 and got some of the critical acclaim that they deserved.

The Sound – the Fire

The Sound had the most undeniable post punk sound. They also had one of the best lyricists of the 80’s in Adrian Borland. Borland sadly committed suicide in 1999 and left behind a wealth of music that stands up as some of the best of the post punk era.

“A call to the heart, a call to have a heart.”

17 Aug

The Sound were and English Post Punk band who were/are up there musically with the likes of Joy Division and The Chameleons. Like the latter, The Sound were hugely overlooked during their existence.  The albums that the band released are highly recommended and are testament to the talent that the group possessed. Here’s why they deserved more…

This is dedicated to The Sound frontman Adrian Borland who committed suicide in 1999. R.I.P