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The Broken Vinyl Club. 60’s inspired cool.

28 Aug

Sometimes I need music to wake me the fuck up. The sort of music that no matter how, bad I feel, it sets the early week cobwebs on fire. On this particular day, it’s the Tuesday after a Bank Holiday weekend. The excitement of football, drinking, music and overeating has long gone. There’s a taste in my mouth like the bottom of a birdcage and I don’t know how I am going to get through the next eight hours of work.

Luckily, I stumbled over The Broken Vinyl Club. TBVC are the musical equivalent of an ice cold glass of Resolve and a bacon sandwich. As the tunes flow, you feel your life force being replenished and any notion of a hangover is gone. The effervescent vibes ease your mind, body and soul into the working week and you know what? I feel alright!

‘All in Your Head’ is a song that could make the coldest winter morning feel like summer in the Bahamas. Its feel good factor spirals and spins as the lyrics promise that “The sun will shine again.” This is only track number two on the eponymous debut by TBVC and if this track is anything to go by, I will be overdosing on positivity by the end of it.

I can hear everything from The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, and The Rolling Stones in TBVC’s music. There’s a massive Mod influence in the songs and the song crafting is second to none. Melodic, tight and interesting are three words that I would use to describe TBVC, they are clever chaps and do music with what seems like effortless cool.

‘She’s Tired’ is a stand out track for me. It has Guitars that twang and shuffle, drums that gently caress, a bass that drifts along and vocals that tell a story worth following until the end. The 60’s influence is there throughout but despite wearing the musical influences on their sleeves, TBVC are fresh and interesting enough to be considered for big things.

I relish the prospect of seeing TBVC live. Songs this good deserve the live stage and audience. Music that is clever and danceable doesn’t come along very often but when it does, it’s time to get the old dancing shoes out but be prepared to have them resoled when the gig has finished, because if you stand still, you are past musical saviour. Hallelujah!

I managed to ask Scott from the band a few questions and here’s what he had to say.

What releases have you put out and have you played many gigs?

“We put out our very first single ‘I Want you Girl’ / ‘In my mind’ on Cardiff based label See Monkey Do Monkey in 2010 which gained us alot of attention and we got asked to play at Liam Gallagher’s first Pretty Green Club night at The Garage. That’s where Acid Jazz saw us play and then 2011 we signed to them and put out ‘One Way Street’ August 2011 and then our debut album in October 2011 we then released a follow up single ‘Diamonds in her eyes’ in February this year. We have done lots of gigs as we have been a gigging band since 2009 and have had to build our fan-base by basically doing the toilet tour throughout the UK. We have also played some really cool places such as Stockholm Sweden, Borderline, 100 club London we have also played Bournemouth 02 academy and Shepherds Bush Empire supporting the Stereophonics. ”

I can hear a very distinct Mod 60’s vibe to your songs, would you say that is a good description of your sound?

“Yes collectively we are all influenced by some classic 60s bands and many of the songs were written with these influences in mind.”

Which bands and artists influenced you the most?

“The Beatles, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Kinks, Coral, The Byrds, Small Faces, Rolling Stones, The Las.”

Which current bands do you rate the most?

“Loving the new Michael Kiwanuka album, also think that Alabama Shakes and Jake Bugg are great too. There’s also great bands in Wales who are releasing music and gigging such as Houdini Dax, The Keys,The Boy Royals, El Goodo and Colorama.”

Is there one new band that you think we should look out for and why?

“Houdini Dax their like Cardiff’s answer to The Beatles, they have great songs, great energy live, a good sense of humor and are young and very talented go check them out! ”

If you had to pick one album that you had to solely play for a week, which would it be?

“Revolver The Beatles one of the best albums ever. Rubber Soul is a close 2nd, though. Its just has tune after tune and the sound and vibe of the album has never been bettered would of loved to have been a fly on the wall at these recording sessions.”

What influences/pastimes do you have outside of music?

“We all enjoy rummaging around for vinyls and buying new clothes. I also love cooking and think I’d probably be a chef if I didn’t have music. Meirion loves trawling e-bay to find vintage studio equipment to add to his collection.”

What is the funniest thing that has happened to the band since you formed?

“One thing that sticks in my mind is when we finished our set at the pretty green club night and came off stage and went back in to the dressing room then someone shouted someones playing your drum kit we all ran out and we realised that its Andy bell from Ride / Oasis / Beady Eye so we start filming it on our phones. Justin is over the other side of the stage and doesn’t realise who it is and starts making menacing faces at him and telling to get the f**k off the drum kit.”

How do you feel about the digital age. Do you think it helps or hinders bands these days?

“It helps bands to start off and get their music out there but I also think that it can hinder signed bands, as the internet has brought in the culture of not paying for music so from that point of view it has ruined the music industry. There are many points for and against to be honest.”

Also, how do you view the music press these days?

“I think alot of the main music magazines play it safe and don’t try to find new music it’s all a little corrupt to be honest. Whatever label pays the most gets the review or article. Many of the music press are quite lazy instead of writing what they actually think of you they just copy what you’ve written in your biog.”