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Keeping it Real. Mosborough Music Festival.

23 Aug

Vivid Riot is proud to present a feature on the Mosborough Music Festival.

When it comes to festivals we happily like to champion the independent spirit that lacks at the major festivals that we see in the UK each year.

Events that take place ever year that charge extortionate prices for tickets, beer and camping which essentially drains the very essence of these types of gatherings. Thankfully, there are still some people willing to put on music festivals for the music and people that want to hear something different

Mosborough Music festival has all the right ideas. Low ticket prices, cheap drinks, and just as important, bands that are there for all the right reasons. It’s not about who’s making NME into Smash Hits yet again this week. It’s much more than that!

MMF have showcased the talents of Reverend and the Makers, Section 60, Cockney Rejects, Modern Faces and musicians that deserve a platform that may be new on the scene. It’s diverse, different and daring, surely that’s an ethos that other festival organizers should take on board. So… Bring on the next one!

It’s time to ask festival organizer Steve Cowens more about MMF and what’s behind the event.

Firstly, tell us more about Mosborough music festival. 

Mosborough music festival, Sheffield, is now 4 festivals old, last June we raised its profile by having two stages, camping and 26 bands on live. we also booked household names in Reverend & the Makers, Paul Heaton and Neville Staple. We have now moved away from it just being a local festival which it started out as, we have people coming from all over the country now as our festival is very good value, high quality and we also keep bar prices to a minimum.
Where did the idea for the festival come from?
The festival started 4 years ago after a very good mate of mine committed suicide and left a 5 year old son behind. I organised a fun day with football matches and a few bands on to raise some money to put in a trust fund for his son, it was so well attended I was asked to do it annually so that’s where Mosborough Music Festival was born. Over the years we have raised over 15k for various charities.
crowd mosborough
Which acts have stood out for you at the events you have put on so far?
Reverend & the Makers were awesome this year, as was Paul Heaton. Bad Manners smashed it last year and had everyone dancing and The Beautiful South were something else in our first year. Its just not about the household names though, I check out local talent and up and coming bands around the country. I had a lad on called John Lennon McCullagh this year, he’s only 15 but he’s one talented lad, so much so that Alan Magee (old creation records founder and manager of Oasis) has signed John up to a 3 album record deal. The quality on show at this years festival was unreal, Exit Calm, The Darlingtons, Two ‘n’ Eights, Bedroom Hour, The Rainband and Marquis Drive came to play from all corners of the country. We also had local bands on which included Sheffield music icons Jon Windle (Little man Tate) and John Reilly (Boy on a Dolphin), couple this with some great young bands in The Sherlocks, Sabella and Section 60 and we had one hell of a line up. I was that impressed by Sabella that we have signed them up and have so far got them support slots with The Enemy, Reverend & the Makers, Paul Heaton and Catfish and the Bottlemen. We have big hopes for Sabella as they are so fresh and talented.
reverend 2 mosborough
Reverend and the Makers – Doing it live.
Any acts you’d love to have on the bill that have not yet played?
Because I’m very old school I’d love to have Cast, The Farm, Happy Mondays or Inspiral Carpets etc on. In fact we are in talks with a couple of these bands so fingers crossed. I’d also love to have The Enemy, The Twang, Missing Andy or Shed 7 on, I like bands that have a football type following.
What events/gigs do you have coming up?
We’ve got a cracking event coming up in November, it’s at Doncaster Dome on the 29th. we got The Enemy, Reverend & the Makers, Section 60, John Lennon McCullagh, Sabella, The Sherlocks, The Barristers and The 48k’s all playing under one roof. Its only £22 a ticket (That’s a cracking deal. Ed.) and its selling really well.
622FD New Enemy & Rev & Makers A3
We’ve also just hosted a festival at Don Valley in Sheffield called The United Colours of Music Festival, We had UB40, The Beat, Missing Andy, Neville Staple, Cockney Rejects, The Toasters, The Lambretta’s, Talisman, Lee Thompson and the Skatalites to name but a few. The Skatalites flew in from Jamaica, they were the originators of SKA music and their set was outstanding. Next year the United Colours of Music festival will be a Brit-pop theme and we are hoping to have The Charlatans headline it.
It’s not just music events we do, we’ve got an evening with Danny Dyer in December and an event called the class of 92, its the Sheffield United team that beat Manchester United 2-1 in the first game when the premiership was formed, Brian Deane scored the first ever premiership goal that day. I’m a big Blades fan (for my sins!). We are also promoters of Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band (the band that the film Brassed Off was based on) and look after a few shows for them, we recently did a performance for Gwyneth Paltrow after Chris Martin (Coldplay) had booked us. We’ve got quite close to Chris, he’s a top bloke, really down to earth so hopefully an acoustic set at Mosborough could happen.
What has the response been like to the events you have put on so far?
The atmosphere at Mosborough has to be seen top be behold, everyone gets in great spirits and in 4 years we have had no trouble what-so-ever, it’s brilliant to see people having such a great time. We keep things cheap as possible and our bar is probably the cheapest festival bar you will see. The thing with Mosborough is it helps charities, Last year we flew a little lad called Reece Winterbottom to Disney Land Florida on his 8th Birthday. Reece had just lost his 30 year old mum to cancer and then two months later he got diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was 5 months in hospital and it was touch and go, watching Reece, his dad and two brothers fly out from Manchester airport was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.
I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so no matter how good our events are I’m always looking at ways to improve them, I get on my own tits at times with how I am. My pals laugh at my ways, they always remind me of the day the Sunday football team I run won 5-1 against a promotion rival, I kept them in the changing room for ten minutes after the match giving them a bollocking for conceding a late goal coz they’d got the billy-big-bollocks on. The response we get from our events is always positive. Long may that be.
Anything else you would like to add?
Yeah, Peace and love to all. X