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Press Gang Metropol.

23 Sep

Corpus Delicti were a French 1990’s Goth band and a bloody good one at that. CD were the darlings of the alternative music press of that decade but mainstream success eluded the band and the inevitable break-up followed.

Leaving a wealth of recorded material behind, the band gave many discerning music fans something to rave about. For years myself and many others lamented the passing of CD and and the band members seemed to slip of quietly and that was that. I was more than surprised when I heard that three of the original members of CD were recording under the moniker of Press Gang Metropol.

I must admit the usual trepidation came over me when I hear of a band getting members back together for something new – It always has the potential to be fucking awful and in many cases it is.

Not this time – It’s joyful.

The new band have influences like Wire, Crisis and Section 25 – Yes there is a distinct Post Punk influence, but add to this the more modern tinges of Editors, Interpol and The Killers and you have a band that embraces their peers but they posses enough originality keep you on your toes.

Energetic, pensive and with a darker edge that is strangely uplifting, there is really something additively hypnotic about this band.The demos that they have recorded posses more promise than a Turkish Delight (Remember that advert in the 80’s?). Something very exciting is about to follow from PGM…

Just you wait and see!

I managed to catch up with the band to ask them some questions.

So, for those who are unfamiliar with PGM tell us about the band.

Sébastien: “The band was born in 2006, first with Chrys and Franck, respectively bass player and guitarist of Corpus Delicti. Eric, a professional drummer from our hometown joined them in 2009, and finally me in 2010.”

Franck: “We all have been involved in different projects since Corpus Delicti broke up, Sébastien with Kuta, myself with Curl and Christophe with Kom Intern, PGM is a reunion, the pleasure to make naturally music together again, and also a new band.”

Who are the bands biggest influences?

Chrys: “The new wave bands like The Cure , Joy division/New order  and the new bands  like Interpol and Editors…”

Sébastien: “The fact is that we finally have all our own preferences and some different things we like, but this new wave sound will stay the base that found us back together, where we come from.”

As we know, some of the band members were in the popular 90’s band Corpus Delicti is PGM a new direction or do you retain any elements from your past?

Franck: “I would say that PGM is a continuity of Corpus Delicti, as it’s the same composers, the same singer, the same person making music together… but 20 years after!”

Sébastien: “So of course, I imagine you can hear from our music now the influence of our previous band, but the years of discovering other landscapes, trying something else and find other ways of making music gave us a great experience and an evolution in the way we’re playing and recording.

But Corpus Delicti is still us, that’s why we find a real pleasure in playing some stuff from the past during our concerts. We don’t feel like playing all the songs, as some are very far from what we are now, but some tracks as “Twilight” or “Saraband” for example are songs we still love and are really proud of.”

What are the band doing at the moment in terms of touring and recording?

“We just gave a few concerts, most of them around our hometown, as we are working hard on the album. Recording is finished, and now we are mixing. After its release , the beginning of next year (2012), we will try to tour in France, hopefully some dates in Europe, and why not going back to the USA?”

OK each of you must pick one album to take to a desert island for a week, which one would you choose?

Sébastien: “David Bowie, “Ziggy Stardust”

Franck: “The Cure, “Seveteen Seconds”

Chrys: “The Clash, “London Calling”

Eric: “Police, “Outlandos d’Amour ”

You also can take one song, which one?

Sébastien: “Today, I would say Clap Your Hands Say Yeah “Same Mistake”

Franck: “Joy Division, “Atmosphere”

Chrys: “New Order, “Age Of Consent”

Eric: “Police, “So Lonely”

Lastly. Anything else you would like to add?

“Thanks for the interview, and the interest shown in the band! Don’t hesitate to spread the word,  many Corpus Delicti fans still don’t know that we are making music together again. All the news on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pressgangmetropol