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Who said, “Shoegazers are boring?”

4 Aug

Morpheme are what I would describe as a Shoegaze band. Ok, not everyone likes this term but it has merits. My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Curve and Ride all helped to create the hallmarks of this often vilified genre and the aforementioned artists have stood the test of time as much as any.The original vanguard have influenced a new breed of effect wielding guitar bands that are causing stunning ripples in an ever stagnating musical world. You can hear elements of Shoegaze these days in everything from The Horrors to M83 and like these newer bands, you have to admit that there is nothing like an effect saturated guitar band to wake you the f**k up. Morpheme as a band are relatively new but the experience that each member possesses is gargantuan. Perry Pelonero has played in Bliss City East and Skylight along with Kim Welsh (Morpheme vocalist) and Dean Garcia’s track record could give Shergar a run for it’s money. This wealth of experience would make even Alan Sugar refrain from shouting, “You’re fired.”

Here’s proof that not all Shoegazers are miserable gits, as the tricky trio answered some random questions that I threw at them and ran off as I waited for the answers to explode.

When was the last time you were truly happy?
Perry: “Right now.”

Kim: “I guess I feel pretty happy right now! Lots of pieces are falling into place.”

Dean: What is this word that you speak of?”

What have you been doing today?
Perry: “Drinking coffee. Having a smoke. Working on new morpheme. Dropping a deuce. Catching up with loads of emails and messages from the likes of you and others .”

Kim: “I drank three cups of coffee, wrapped up a video for work, played a few hands of solitaire and watched videos with my baby girl.”

Dean: “Not much.”

Tell me one song that could drive you mentally insane?
Perry: “Anything on a Slowdive record.” (Now that is a surprise.)

Kim: “I hate White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. Hate it hate it hate it. I don’t hate Jefferson Airplane, but this song is ugly and discordant (I suppose that was the intent) but it doesn’t jive with my earbuds.”

Dean: “Gold Spandau Ballet.”

What have you learned most from being in bands and the music industry?
Perry: “You never learn. Its constant torture and pure bliss”

Kim: “Be nice and respectful to everyone. Make friends. Nobody would EVER listen to our stuff if it weren’t for our friends. Oh, and get a good producer in your band.”

Dean: “Never get off the tour bus on your own.”

Why should people reading this buy Morpheme’s new EP?
Perry: “Because me Dean and Kim are great together. ”

Kim: “Because we’ve planned a big outing to White Castle and we need a way to pay for it.”

Dean: “Don’t you mean download for free via someone’s blog?” (Not if you like supporting artists.)

What was/is the most embarrassing moment in your life?
Perry: “I was driving with a girl and had to fart. Thought it would be silent and I shat myself instead.” (There’s honesty for you.)

Kim: ” Senior year of high school, walking through the senior lounge, slipped and fell in front of my high school crush who already did NOT have a crush on me.”

Dean: “Getting caught shitting in my own mouth.” (It is at this point that I start to feel maybe someone else may have been filling these answers in for Dean. No names, Perry.)

Which actor would play you in a film of your life?
Perry: “Bill Murray.”

Kim: “Kate Hudson, please.”

Dean: “Hans Moleman.”

Pick one album to be the soundtrack to your life?
Perry: “Pink Floyd – Meddle.”

Kim: ” I always say my desert island choice is Animals by Pink Floyd, but I don’t know that it’s a soundtrack to my life. If I’m truthful, it would be one of those 80’s compilation quadruple-record set that they sell on late-night TV commercials. I have a memory for each and every 80’s song, I think.”

Dean: “Derek and Clive by Pete ‘n’ Dud.”

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?
Perry: “Modifying guitars.”

Kim: “Sometimes I sing Rhianna songs in the shower.” (Umbrella. Surely?)

Dean: “Never Had a Dream Come True by S Club 7.” (Pardon?)

Name a film which can drive you to tears?
Perry: “Grave of the Fireflies. Never fails. Saddest movie I have ever seen. ”

Kim: ” Old Yeller.”

Dean: ” My Little Pony The Movie.”