Slowdive Live – Village Underground 19/05/2014

21 May

“Slowdive are reforming and they are playing in London.”  Was I hearing right?

“Yeah, now what are you calling for?” My incredulity at hearing the above and the fact that the person that called me is partial to a bit of leg pulling made what was being said fall on suspicious ears.

Right, straight onto Google to find the inevitable truth that this was going to be a lie. Well, f**k me, it is true. I still didn’t feel like this was happening. OK I know I sound  like a kid at Christmas but when a band reforms that you spent years telling people that you would have done anything to have seen them live, when that becomes a reality, it just takes a while for it to feel real.

It was a few days before the tickets went on sale and I knew they would go fast. I needed to be on the computer at 9am on the day of sale.

So, here goes. Would I be in for a massive let down, after two minutes the answer was a huge resounding YES. “Sold out” the website proclaimed. I wasn’t surprised but I was angry. I spent the next 10 minutes watching Twitter posts appear from joyous fans that had bagged tickets. You lucky gits, I thought.

In sheer despondent hope I went back onto the site and clicked to buy and bang, “Choose quantity” came up. I clicked two and the purchase was made. I was actually going to see Slowdive live, it hadn’t really hit me  but once the E-Tickets came through, I felt more at ease.

The Village Underground in Shoreditch was a venue I had not attended before and have to say it is one I would like to see more bands at. It’s high-roofed and has a post-industrial feel to it and the acoustics are great. Bring on the music.

The air of expectancy was pungent and excitement filled conversations filled the air. Labradford and Brian Eno were the intro tracks and added to the atmosphere wonderfully.

A roar went up and Slowdive took to the stage with smiles all around the venue, including the stage.

The first track of the night ‘Slowdive’ flew into life and so did the crowd. The sound from the stage was incredible. Any notion of anyone staring at their shoes and doing very little went straight out of the window. Halfway through the song I already knew that this was going to be a special night.

‘Catch the Breeze’ sounded spectacularly dreamy and had the crowd swaying intently. A reworked version of ‘Crazy for You’ was one of the highlights for me and also highlighted that the fact the band were adding different dimensions to the songs rather than just ploughing knowingly through old ground.

It was obvious by now to anyone at the gig that Slowdive were full of intent and better than ever.

’40 Days’ had at least one audience member in tears of joy. Not since Mogwai on the Come on Die Young tour have I seen such emotion at a concert. The euphoria was evident on every face that I saw.

The whole set lasted just under 2 hours and after two stunning encores of ‘Rutti’ and ‘Alison’ the band left the stage. Somebody next to me proclaimed that “That was a bit f**cking special” and as blunt and to the point as this statement was, the look on the faces on people leaving the venue confirmed this exclamation.

I listened to Slowdive on my way home and felt sated yet deflated because it was all over but at the same time, I would have been ten times worse had I missed this gig.

The band plays a number of dates around the world in 2014 and if you are contemplating seeing them, I would say that the live experience is one to behold and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. By the end it felt very real indeed and trust me when I say, SLOWDIVE ARE BACK!


Catch the Breeze 
Crazy for You 
Machine Gun 
40 Days 
Blue Skied an’ Clear 
Souvlaki Space Station 
When the Sun Hits 
She Calls 
Golden Hair (Syd Barrett cover) 






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