Giaroye Clothing – “…gentleman with a streetwise attitude.”

4 Dec

Interview with Giaroye clothing

So, tell us. Who and what is Giaroye?

Gia: “Gia Rahman and Oliver Roye are the men behind the clothing brand Giaroye, Gia and Roye started
the brand after both being equipped with the skills and knowledge learned whilst studying BA
(hons) in fashion design with Technology at Manchester Metropolitan university and KIAD Kent
university of Art and Design.”

How would you describe your clothing range?

Roye: “Giaroye Clothing is a British independent men’s fashion led label, whose style focuses on a tailored
street-wear look, being clean, crisp and a little bit classy, relying on the quality, detailing and cut.
Giaroye Clothing aims to complement the British style of menswear, its distinctive influence vary
from British Tailoring, Sports and Music.”

What made you want to start your own clothing label?

Gia: “Roye quickly realised after graduating from university that there were not many men’s designers
which we felt captured the styles and mentality of the young Brit male”.

Roye: “We wanted to create a brand based on our fundamental vision for men’s clothing being contemporary, good quality fabrics with attention to detailing and finishing.”

What has been your biggest seller to date?

Gia: “Our biggest seller to date has to be the Chapel Bomber Jacket; the Chapel bomber is named
after the famous Chapel market of north London its name has elements of the 70’s Mod British
movement and from the football terraces of the 80’s. A bit like a gentleman with a streetwise
attitude, we take pride in being British but realise that the days of the bowler hat are over, the
modern gent needs to adapt. The versatile cut of the Chapel Bomber is a classic semi tailored
bomber style wool jacket. Gun flap detailing with insert piping and front button with jet pocket
flap detail finish.”


What music are you into and what music inspires you to be creative?

“Gia and Roye: “We like a bit of everything to be honest from funky House, chart pop music, Rock,
Hip pop and a bit R&B.

Roye: “When I’m working on new pattern shapes and cuts for Giaroye jacket & coats I tend to zone out and like listening to classical music, I find it very relaxing whilst stimulating the mind to be creative in design”

Gia: “I enjoy listening new bands at the moment. I’m really liking a group of lads from Sheffield called Likely Lads.”

What does the future hold for Giaroye?

Gia: “Giaroye is preparing to launch their first women’s wear collection on-line on the official Giaroye
website coming soon for 2013. We have already started to amass a huge number of requests
from our Giaroye ladies fans and don’t want to disappoint.”

Roye: “Giaroye aims to launch the new Exclusive Limited Edition and calibration Range for 2013-14, This Giaroye Exclusive collection is a limited edition range with only 20 pieces per design. The design for the Giaroye Exclusive range is inspired by the great classics with a touch of design led focus – each design stands on its own as a unique garment, with the Giaroye signature touch.”

Where did the idea of the panda logo come from?

Both: “We used to drive around in a Red Fiat Panda in our college days. It’s one of them things that just


Anything else you would like to add?

“We at Giaroye manufacture their range in the UK using British mills to buy their fabrics, and when
this can’t be achieved, as close to home as possible. Gia and Roye believe in British manufacturing
and continue to manufacture and source fabrics and trimmings from the UK. “We take a lot of
pride in being a Brit fashion led label and want their brand to embody that pride, which is achieved
by always trying to have garments made in England, with only limited quantities produced.”

The lovely lads at Giaroye have put up for grabs their Three Lions t shirt for an exclusive Vivid Riot competition.


To win this t-shirt, simply answer this question – What is Giaroye’s best selling item of clothing? Send your answer to and we will pick and announce  a lucky winner on 07/12/2012 on our twitter –


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