The English. From small islands big things grow.

18 Jul

I’ve deleted my intro to this piece about ten times. The reason for this is because I am in awe at what I am hearing. I feel words cannot do this band true justice but I am going to do my best, as they deserve an audience the size of a huge country.

I got a message from The English via Facebook asking me to listen to their music and as usual, I jumped at the chance to hear some new sounds from a new band.

At first I was hesitant. With a name like The English I didn’t really know what to expect; but luckily, I was blown away by what jumped out of my speakers.

The English are just that -Typically English. English in a way that The Smiths, The Stone Roses and The Cure are. They just couldn’t have come from anywhere else. They do sound very familiar but with too much creativity to ever be stupidly derivative.

In terms of musical reference points, there’s a dash of The Cure and New Order, add to that some JAMC and you go some way to describing the sound of The English. It’s Post Punk that’s dark yet uplifting in spirit and has a voice and lyrical content that forces you to take notice.


The band have just released some new songs and Will from the band talk’s us through them, which in fairness seems apt, as he knows about them the most.

‘Sex with Strangers’ – “This is definitely one of my favourite songs that we’ve done with The English. It’s a lot more commercial and upbeat than some of our other stuff, but I still feel it maintains our sound and style. People struggle to make obvious comparisons as to who we sound like, which is the way we intended it, but personally I’d put the track somewhere between Blondie, a happy Joy Division and Echo and The Bunnymen. ”

Lyrically the song is really simple, we’ve all been in previous bands, and I think the lyric ”same old stages, different faces” sums up that, although it has its perks, it can be really frustrating playing in bands if it doesn’t feel like you’re making progress.”
‘Dead White Town‘ – “This is one of the first songs we played as a band, its stood the test of time and has become a bit of a crowd favourite. It’s got a real 80’s, New Wave, retro feel to it, with a really simple, repetitive bass line which we try to recreate in most of our stuff.”

“Lyrically the song is about playing hard to get and the little mental battles that occur between boys and girls, regardless of how much they like each other! I think the song works because everyone can relate to it.”

‘It Gets Easier’ – “I would say this song is a link between our heavier and lighter stuff. Again it has an 80’s feel to it with a really prominent bass line and simple, repetitive riff. It’s a song we all enjoy playing and it tends to get the crowd going well.”

“I wrote the song after a break-up, so it’s probably one of our most personal songs, which people don’t seem to realize because it’s quite upbeat, but lyrically it pretty much speaks for itself. It’s one of the most therapeutic songs I’ve come up with because it really does get easier.”

Cheers Will. So, what is in-store for the band in the future?

“We’ve been active for about 10 months now and are going from strength to strength, we were expecting a rough ride because the sound is a bit different but it’s all run pretty smoothly. We’re playing bigger and better local gigs and will start our nationwide
campaign later in the year, hopefully with an official release of some kind. To keep updated with all the latest news like the Facebook page!”

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