“I’ve got a fever inside of me.” FEVER FEVER.

7 Jun

The first time I heard FEVER FEVER I was gobsmacked. Any band that prevents me from hitting the skip button after one minute of hearing a song for the first time deserves credit. I know… I should listen to whole songs but sometimes a minute is enough – I need urgency. I want a band to fly out of the stalls and thankfully, Norwich’s FEVER FEVER kept my hands very still and well away from any notion of not listening until the end. In fact, I had one of those “Fuck me, I need to find everything I can by this band” moments.

Luckily, the band had a new single called ‘The Chair’ ready and waiting for eager ears and again FF didn’t disappoint. ‘The Chair’ is all pounding drums, incredible chiming and fuzzy guitars, and drums that smash away like they are trying to win a race to the death. The female vocals bring some calm to the beautiful noise that is created but sits within the mix perfectly. In terms of overall sound, I would say that Fever Fever sound like a mix of Slant 6, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and Sleater Kinney.

FEVER FEVER are a bloody glorious bundle of fun. The band genuinely sounds like they are having a ball whilst making music. Basically, think the opposite of the passion and intergrity that Coldplay put into their music and times that by 1000 and you’ll be somewhere near to feeling the urgency and intensity that will explode from your speakers when you hear this band.

Rosie from the band kindly had a few words with us about FEVER FEVER and here’s the result.

So, who are FEVER FEVER and how did you chose the name for the band?

“FEVER FEVER is Ellie, Smit and Rosie. We met on the carnival circuit. Smit was selling toffee apples and Ellie and I were working the big top.

We chose the name fever fever in a sort of homage to yeah yeah yeahs first album, ‘Fever to Tell’ which is completely bad ass.”

 Who are your musical influences?

” Sonic Youth, Shellac, Jack White, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Patti Smith, Sleater Kinney and Gossip.”

 What releases have you put out to date?

“We have released two singles and an EP on Cherryade Records. ‘Pins’ was released on Gravy Records and our latest offering ‘The Chair’ came out on Kissability. We’ve played a fair amount of shows, not sure how many though, haven’t totted them up on a while!”

 What has been the the best thing about being in FEVER FEVER so far?

“Playing Glastonbury on the BBC introducing stage was our favourite moment thus far. We were stuffed full of brandy and herbal remedies to calm the nerves. Good times.”

 What song is your favourite from your own songs? 

“Probably whatever we’ve written most recently, we aim to make every song better than the last.”

‘The Chair’ sold out before it was even released, how did that feel?

“Yeah, that was really cool. We’re super pumped by the response it’s had, the cassettes are a thing of beauty.”

Tell us about the lyrics. I find them quiet abstract(which I like) but what inspires them and what are the lyrics to the new single about?

“Anything can inspire the lyrics, the words to our songs are less about telling a linear story and more abstract, you’re right. They’re about creating a feel, or a mood rather than anything else, well they are at the moment. The Chair was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s ‘To The Lighthouse’.”

 What is the funniest thing that has happened to the band so far?

“Last year when we played Glastonbury we had to do an interview with Worthy FM. We turned up and soon realised though, that they were expecting Diva Fever, the camp duo from X Factor. Awkward. That was reasonably funny.”

Lastly, what’s in store for the band in the future?

“We planning on getting in quite deep with the avian equivalent of drug addiction. We need heron. Strong winged heron. And get, like, well famous. ”

Anything else you would like to add?

“No other business!”




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