“Let’s talk about, pop music.”

17 Jan

If you think Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are “pop music” you may as well stop reading now. Pop in its purest form is not manufactured or ephemeral, it’s much more heartfelt than that. It also not about how many costume changes you make or what your hair looks like, it’s about the f**king  music, little else.

Shrag are my idea of the perfect pop band. Catchy songs, clever lyrics and choruses that that make me feel like I have eaten 20 sherbet dabs. I could sit here all day and waffle on about my love for this band but I will let lead singer Helen, say a few words and share some of Shrag’s wonderful music.

For those that are not in the know, how would you describe Shrag’s sound?

“Oh, we make noisy, messy, pop music.”

Shrag – Coda

What releases have the band put out to date?

“We have released two LPs, a s/t one in 2009 and Life! Death! Prizes! in 2010, plus a handful of 7″ singles over the years.”

If you had to choose one song to introduce someone to Shrag, which song would it be?

“I don’t know if you mean which song is most representative of us, or which song am I most fond of…..that changes all the time. We have a song called ‘Coda’ on our last album which means a lot to me. I guess our single ‘Rabbit Kids’ is pretty much a good calling card, it’s a scuzzy pop song with a heart.”

Rabbit Kids

What was the funniest thing you ever read about your band?

“That we were so bad we made the reviewer ashamed to be British.”

Your songs, despite dealing with some difficult subjects always seem to retain a sense of humour. What’s the most miserable song you have heard and why? Also, what is the happiest song you have every heard and why?

“I’m not sure if miserable is quite the right word but ‘Holocaust’ by Big Star is pretty effectively bleak. The happiest? Quickspace – ‘Quickspace Happy Song Number One’.

I have to agree with Helen on this one.

What are the band up to at the moment? Any new releases, gigs etc etc?

“We have just finished recording Canines, our new album, which will be out in May on WIAIWYA and Fortuna POP! We have a UK tour coming up at the end of February. It’s a joint tour with a band called Tunabunny from Athens, Georgia who recently released one of my favourite records of last year…the tour promises to be a lot of fun. We’re also releasing a split 7″ single with Tunabunny to go along with the tour, which’ll have the first offering from our new album on it. That’ll be out February 20th.”

If you could support any band, which one would you choose and why?

“Maybe Sonic Youth? That would be a pretty much lifelong dream accomplished….”

Respect to the Youth.

In your opinion, who are the most underrated band ever?

“The Blue Minkies.”

The only video I can find of the elusive Minkies.




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