“Dreams aren’t keeping me alive.” Disco Inferno.

13 Sep

This month sees the release of what we at Vivid Riot consider to be the record of the 2011.  Strangely this release is an official reproduction of something that has become something of a musical epiphany. Disco Inferno’s 5 Eps is finally here.

I will take the usual Vivid Riot stance and not waffle on too much about  DI (Or any other band). Basically, if you look online at any DI related musings, you will see how much of a cult this band has become. On forums people ask questions about lyrics, why the band were not huge and why the 5 Eps was never released officially. Only the latter has an answer and only now can we celebrate Disco Inferno’s Eps for the true genuis that they were/are.

DI were three lads from Essex who kicked against every trend and convention. The band used samplers when most musicians and music fans of the day thought the lumpen drudgery of Oasis and Blur were ground breaking. With front-man Ian Crause, Disco Inferno had the musical equivalent of a surrealist painter who could write existential poetry. Crause squeezed every nuance of working class frustration through samplers and the results are some of the finest music in the last 20 years.

I am not going to give you background information on the band. they left us with unbelievable music and for me and many others that is enough. The Eps that Disco Inferno released before their demise were collected together on a CD-R and then became an internet holy grail. Each curious listener having to ask someone on a forum for a copy of a collection of the Eps that left anyone who heard it in awe and wonder. And thus the 5 Eps were born.

One Little Indian have had the sense to release this collection and you know what, they sound even better than the first time I heard them on that CD-R that I once sought out

“It’s a Kid’s World.” Have fun.



4 Responses to ““Dreams aren’t keeping me alive.” Disco Inferno.”

  1. paperhats May 7, 2012 at 2:52 pm #

    will you guys harass mr crause and find out if any live bootlegs/videos (ok im really dreaming) exist?? i mean SOMEBODY captured the speech at the end of go pop…

    • vividriot May 28, 2012 at 11:34 am #

      I have about four gigs of bootlegs. Ian said that some of them may get released one day.

      • paperhats November 27, 2012 at 3:38 am #

        forgot about this! ive actually found a few since then, much to my surprise (1 from before samples and 2 after and theyre all amazing). not totally aware of the etiquette with bootlegs, but i cant really think of a band more appropriate for, you know, posting a bunch of bootlegs online… you know…

        do you have any videos or anything? i thought i remembered reading that someone had videos but it might have been a dream..

        also any a.r. kane?? thought there would be more than disco inferno (really thought DI would be the last band to find bootlegs of) but it seems to be the other way around by quite a lot. i just want to pretend.

      • vividriot February 15, 2013 at 1:24 pm #

        Thanks for the comments. I have no videos but I know someone who has. He said, “One day, I will transfer them to the web.” Hopefully, he will do this.

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