There is hope.

26 Jul

I have been a fan of Winterlight AKA Tim Ingham for a number of years now. His music is  a perfect choice after hard days work. I put my headphones on, I open a drink (Something relaxing. I am sure you get my drift.) and lose myself in a barrage of of wondrous sounds. Without trying to sound like I am writing a M & S food advert, I would sum Winterlight up by saying that if you like Ulrich Schnauss and and Slowdive then Winterlight will be right up your Autumnal street.

This isn’t just Ambient.

Hope Dies last is the brand new album from Winterlight and this is his most accomplished release to date.  8/10

Here I caught up with the man behind the music for a few words.

Your new album Hope Dies last is receiving a lot of critical acclaim. How does this release differ from your past work? 

“My previous releases have been the Lightsway (Tim’s other project) material which was basically just demos and a couple of singles, Mirror and Kissed, which I am very proud of but for various reasons I don’t think many people heard. This album has been worked on until I am happy with the results and is released through n5md a label that I feel understands the music, supports what I do , has a great roster and enables me to be heard in a way I haven’t been heard before.”
You are really into your Shoegaze and Ambient sounds; do you ever get the urge to do something that is harsher than those genres? Maybe a death metal band or something crazy like that?

“Well Jamie, who plays some guitar with me, plays in a post punk band and he asked me to play with some friends recently in a Stooges covers band for a night, does that count? I used to play more punky stuff when I was younger but nowadays I feel I am getting on a bit to do that. You end up looking like Mick Jagger trying hard to stay young. I like the putting your feet up feel to more ambient sounds these days. Mind you I might fancy doing some drum and bass…”
Give us three artists that inspire you creatively and three artists that people would be surprised to know that you like.

“Port-Royal, as well as musically Attilio is a great friend.”!

Bitcrush, I love the sound of Bitcrush and Mike Cadoo is a tremendously supportive label boss.

Robin Guthrie; I’m always trying to get my stuff to sound as lush as his does.

Unfortunately I am quite open about my music listening habits so i suppose some will know some of this.

The Mob, my favourite band from the anarcho punk era (I have to agree with Tim here. A real gem from the past. Ed.)

The Beach Boys, I suppose a bit predictable really but brian Wilson really was a bit of a genius in the studio.

Photek, I have a bit of a soft spot for drum and bass.”

Ok the final words to you. Get something off your chest, anything!

Buy my album! There seem to be plenty of listeners but not as many sales. I wonder why…


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