No fuss, no mess, just music.

19 Jul

That’s it! Pure and simple …

Here at Vivid Riot we want to highlight any music that blows us away.  No long reviews, no vernacular posing and no arse-licking the latest “thing” or labels. If we like it, you will know – If we don’t, we won’t f**k about. We are music fans and that should be enough to make this site work.

Get in touch if you want to chuck anything our way. This could be a band you like, a band you are in, or just something you feel passionate about.


Genres we will cover include: Indie,  Post Rock,  Post Punk,  Punk, Electronica,  Goth,  Shoegaze and so much more. If you sound like Coldplay or think a band playing on top of a mountain is a good idea, move along.

PS. We will try and keep the reviews as short as possible and rate them on a numeric basis. There will also be the occasional interview on the site with bands and artists.

“Stay Free”


2 Responses to “No fuss, no mess, just music.”

  1. winterlightmusic July 19, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    sounds like a manifesto!

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